Next fashion stop: festival summer. La nuova  collezione Catrice hip trip  lancia  in  edizione  limitata  ombretti  e  nail polish  con  le  stesse  nuance  per  rendere  ogni  look  ancora  più  particolare. In  questa  collezione  non  potevano  mancare  le  tonalità  estive  come il  maxi bronzer o  il  blush  in  crema  a  lunga  durata.
Vi  lascio  alla  descrizione  dei  prodotti. (Se  avete  problemi  con  la  lingua  in  alto  nel  blog  troverete  traduci  pagina ed  in  automatico  verrà  tutto  tradotto) .

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Palette 

This line-up is sure to set the tone: six colours, endless possibilities. Denim nuances as well as flamingo and green with a hip batic effect. You can achieve subtle as well as spectacular make-up looks with the soft powder textures – plain or with a shimmer. And the practical duo applicator guarantees perfect, professional-looking results. Available in C01 Haunting Melody. Around €*. 

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Sheer Lip Colour 

Stage diving, but ladylike. The Sheer Lip Colour with its transparent gel texture has a high pigmentation to provide rich yet subtle results. This gorgeous lip colour feels wonderfully light on your lips and gives them a pampered glossy look. These three shades - ranging from nude to salmon to a bold flamingo tone – are sure to make every woman feel like a goddess. Available in C01 The Salmon Dance, C02 Wheels On Fire and C03 Nude & Rude. Around €*. 

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Hydrating Bronzing Powder

Shades of summer. The fine Hydrating Bronzing Powder offers two benefits in one: moisture and a natural-looking sun-kissed complexion. Freshens-up your festival glow, making it one of this summer’s absolute must-haves. There is one shade for all Camping Ground Ladies in an extra-large, exquisitely decorated container. Around €*.

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Satin Blush 

Warm-up on the main stage. The Satin Blush gives your cheeks a fresh look, even without head banging. Its light texture is easy to apply and blend using your fingers and feels like a second skin. The bright flamingo shade offers a translucent to strong blush – that’s how fast and easy a beauty makeover can be. Available in C01 Light My Fire. Around €*. 

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Meet & greet. Ultimate long-lasting texure, ultimate coverage, ultimate colour brilliance – the Ultimate Nail Lacquers by CATRICE offer trendy colours to rock any festival. Denim blue, mint green, nude, salmon or flamingo - these nail polishes bring current highlights to the stage. Available in C01 Blue Highway, C02 Green Days, C03 The Salmon Dance, C04 Wheels On Fire and C05 Nude & Rude. Around €*. 

Hip Trip by CATRICE – Passport Cover 

Travel around the world. Hip Trip by CATRICE offers a protective passport cover for the festival jet-set – and all frequent travellers – which will turn your passport into a must-have accessory. And thanks to the bright colour, it will never get lost. Around €*. “Hip Trip” by CATRICE will be available in stores in May and June 2013

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