Gather round Beauties!
We are super excited to present……drum roll…..tum-tiddly-um-tum-tum-tuuuummmm!

The Brand New Blush & Brush!
Featured in five voracious shades for SS13 that capture the seductive warmth and fun filled frolics of long summer days - the lightweight, slim-line packaging with silky integrated blush-brush make these the perfect handbag companion for our girls about town!
Featuring long-lasting, intense pigments with a subtle shimmer, the Blush & Brush is perfect for changing up your look, whether you’re aiming for a discreet daytime glow or an intense glamour look for those nocturnal adventures!
The collection features 5 dramatic shades with a warm summer flavour:

No.1 – Dawn Glow (A dusky and heady flush)
No.2 – Isla Rose (a soft delicate wash of pink)
No.3 – Upper East Side (urban, edgy and chic for all you girls about town!)
No.4 – Rustic Peach (Think the sun setting over the beach…)
No.5 – Capital Pink (Intense, bold and fearless!)
This unique, innovative, fun and affordable range continues beautyuk’s drive to offer the latest trends with outstanding quality and high street prices.
Priced at a purse-friendly £2.99 J

Check out our website to collect the set!