Best time. In the evening, to distil its goodness through the night.
Revolutionary furtive texture. A snowy, melting opalescent pink texture to make regular night creams green with envy. Quickly imperceptible to captivated prince charming.
Highly concentrated action against visible signs of skin aging.
Dream night ahead…
Every day, as we all know, the skin is aggressed and subjected to many different forms of stress.
Pollution, UV rays, tobacco, air conditioning, stress full stop… the list is long.
These aggressions tend to speed up skin aging.
At night, our skin naturally repairs, but with age or if aggressions are too strong, its repair system no longer works at full.
BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask combines the White Lotus Alchemy with a rare and precious ingredient, Belle de Nuit, to help the skin revitalize at night, as if by magic. Radiant skin on awakening, fresh and luminous complexion, features visibly smoothed. All wrapped in the divine and highly addictive feel of a texture that becomes totally
imperceptible on application.
Didn’t we say Night Dream?

BELLE DE JOUR usually guards its secrets jealously, but lets us into the mystery of the formula’s key ingredient, Belle de Nuit.

Belle de Nuit, or Mirabilis Jalapa, is a rare and delicate flower which owes its name to the fact that it opens at dusk and closes up
again in the morning. It helps the skin rebalance itself by reducing the harmful effects of UV rays and external aggressions. It acts like a repairing ointment on skin cells and thereby helps revitalize the skin*.
Pleasure is a source of beauty. Being happy and enjoying your daily face care makes you beautiful.
Enriched with a secret White Lotus Alchemy with a soothing effect*, BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask allows the skin to develop its receptiveness to caresses. Lulled by its soft White Lotus fragrance, the skin is pampered.
BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask helps the skin recover a state of relaxation as if to reinforce its resistance to the many daytime aggressions.
The power of the White Lotus Alchemy against daily stresses completes this action by helping the skin refresh itself day by day*. The skin is
comfortable and moisturized, facial features look relaxed.
The skin makes the most of the new source of vitality provided by BELLE DE JOUR Dream Night Mask. It can fully devote itself to its optimal      function and revitalization. It is smoother, more luminous, simply radiant.

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