The new Bourjois nail polish LA LAQUE : born mixing a bright color, a concentrated of lacquered pigments and absolute brilliance! LA LAQUE embodies Parisian chic on the nails. Bourjois offers all its expertise definining 12 different LA LAQUE shades, a wide range of trends inspired fashion shows. Its concentrated formula, with pure and saturated pigments, ensures brightness and opacity on the first pass. Contemporary with its innovative design, modern, feminine for its elegance, powerful with its absolute brightness, nail polish LA LAQUE allows himself an impertinence advanced in the name of His shades.

Il nuovo Bourjois LA LAQUE non è altro che un concentrato di pigmenti che garantiranno una brillantezza assoluta. Bourjois offre tutta la sua esperienza e relaizza 12 nuove tonalità all’avanguardia.

PRODIGIEUX BRUSH art bespoke, concern for accuracy ... Bourjois combines precision and uncompromising coverage, the nail polish is a real pleasure! ROUND BRUSH  GENEROUS AND ACCURATE, useful for all nail shapes: wide or narrow, long or short. It covers a passage with a goldsmith accuracy and comfort.
LA TIGE ANTI-DÉBORDEMENT No misstep! With its vertical grooves, the fair dose flows with a perfect mastery ... Nails make-up has never been easier!
Insieme a queste magnifiche colorazioni Bourjois fornisce gli strumenti giusti per avere una nail art impeccabile.
LE MULTIBRUSH* NAIL ART Clever, it can stylize nails at will ... It's simple: Clip on one of the three caps on the removable handle and fun to make as many nail art as you like! • Fan Brush, brush fan to perform "scratches manicures" • Shader Brush, square brush designed for solid colors • Liner Brush, along ultra fine brush designed for the more specific grounds.

PRIX PUBLICS RECOMMANDÉS Each distributor is free to determine prices. Nail polish PAINT 10 ml CHF 13.90 CHF 12.90 Multibrush nail art.