OPI si dirige a Città del Messico con tonalità saturate e vibranti per la primavera del 2020 - OPI Heads to Mexico City with Vibrant, Saturated Shades for Spring 2020

Colorazioni eclettiche che richiamano il paesaggio artistico più fiorente del mondo – Città del Messico (CDMX).
Con questa collezione, OPI trasforma le unghie in una tela personale e la collezione diventa la tavolozza di un artista. La collezione Città del Messico trae ispirazione dalle vivaci scene d'arte e di moda della città, dal fascino del jet set con locali alla moda e cucina pluripremiata e dall'esplorazione dell'espressione individuale del sé.
Experience the eclectic colors of the world’s most thriving art scene – Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) – for Spring 2020 with the Mexico City Collection by OPI. With this collection, OPI makes nails a personal canvas and the collection becomes an artist’s palette so users can CDMX-PRESS themselves with rich, fashion-forward color. The Mexico City Collection draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant art and fashion scenes, jet-set appeal with trendy locales and award-winning cuisine, and exploration of individual selfexpression.

12 tonalità tra le più belle ma guardiamole insieme - 12 shades among the most beautiful but let's look at them together:
·        Mexico City Move-Mint - Make this your next move, a soft understated green that plays well with others.
·        Verde Nice to Meet You - Likewise, nice to meet you too. Make a scene with OPI’s newest lush and verdant green.
·        Don’t Tell A Sol - Shhh! A warm inviting yellow that boasts fashion and fun with bold brightness.
·        Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal - Sling all you want but don't forget your nail appointment!
·        Mural Mural on the Wall- Your nails go graphic with scattered specks of crazy coral confetti.
·        Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal - Enjoy the spirit of a warm coral glow.
·        My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore - Doggonit! An exciting and beautiful orange to scare away any ankle biter!
·        Live, Love, Laugh. OPI covers all bases with a vibrant red to celebrate the art of being.
·        Telenovela Me About It - A soap opera pink that creates intense drama for your nails. Don’t leave us hanging!
·        Mi Casa Es Blue Casa - Invite yourself to a manicure that opens the door to new and blue possibilities.
·        Mariachi Makes My Day - And this deep purple saturated with intense color makes my night!
·        Hue is the Artist? - The artist is you! Create a palette of pale, wispy lavender to spring into the season.