Luxurious, fragrant bubble bath Mallow blossom bubble bath from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats
Take a fragrant bubble bath, pamper the skin with luxurious care products and leave the stress of the everyday behind. The new mallow blossom bubble bath from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats transforms your bathroom into a home spa. The rich foam gently cleans the skin and the selected natural ingredients provide especially gentle skin care. Mallow extracts from a protective, moisturising layer on the skin and calm it. Mallow extracts are especially suitable for the care of dry and sensitive skin. With the selected composition of essential oils such as lavender, juniper and mountain pine, the bath becomes an irresistible fragrance experience. The mallow blossom bubble Bath 100 ml is available for 23 EUR and 250 ml for 46 EUR in the webshop ( as well as from the familiar Susanne Kaufmann sales offices.

Luxurious content - intense effect
Mallow extracts nourish and calm the skin and the lavender oil simultaneously relaxes the skin. Juniper oil provides reinforcement for mental exhaustion and mountain pine oil relaxes tense muscles. A blessing for the cold part of the year. A composition of luxurious natural oils leaves behind skin that feels tender and silky. The cleansing consists, as in all Susanne Kaufmann products, of saccharoidal surfactants that have been obtained from sustainable raw materials and are completely recyclable. The mallow blossom bubble bath by Susanne Kaufmann envelops the body in a rich, fragrant foam.
Susanne Kaufmann organic treats
Susanne Kaufmann organic treats are natural, effective and especially compatible. Today, this holistic care line comprises more than 70 functional products for facial and body care. A vast store of experience, collected during the many years of practical work, goes into each product. The products are produced with the greatest of care in a small operation in the Bregenz Forest and filled, sealed and packaged by hand. Susanne Kaufmann organic treats offers products for all skin types: facial care Line T for dry skin and Line F for normal/combination skin, Line A for intensive, natural anti-aging and Line M for men. The product range also includes hand and foot care, body care, baths, teas and the Essence Line, based on traditional healing knowledge as well as a Hair Line.

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