NEW Gel Sculpt is a unique light gel texture, water resistant contouring stick which subtlety creates natural contours.
“This is one of the most innovative, exciting products we have made as it revolutionizes the way we look at contouring,”
“Up until now, contouring has been matte, flat and sometimes obvious. When people want to create sculpted cheekbones, they want it to look ‘real’ but most contour colours when applied either sit on the skin or reflect which is the opposite of what a natural contour or hollow would do.” Illamasqua Creative Director, Alex Box NEW Gel Colour is an innovative, water resistant and highly pigmented tint that provides an instant flush of colour to your complexion.
“Gel Colour is designed to give the most convincing, fresh flush to the cheek. It mimics nature in that you can see your skin through the colour and unlike cream or matte blushers; its transparency is what makes it feel fresh and real.”
“The colour looks powerful but is gentle and soft when applied. It looks strong because the colour is trapped in a transparent hard gel. You could describe it as a bit like when you see an ice lolly!” Alex Box
The perfect partnership
Application Tip: “I press Gel Colour into cheeks by putting the product on the palm of my thumb, rubbing both palms together creating equal amounts of product on both hands. Then, I simply press it on the apple of cheeks where you would naturally blush.”
“For Gel Sculpt, apply where you would other contour products, following the same application technique as Gel Colour, using the palm of your thumb. This time however, feel for the cheekbone with this part of your hand and place the product under it, pressing and blending. As you will have rubbed the product on your thumb palms in equal amounts, it will produce perfectly even contours either side.”
Alex Box
·        Gel Colour in Fluster (delicate poetic pink)
·        Gel Colour in Charm (fresh wash of apricot)
·        Gel Sculpt in Silhouette (sheer sophisticated coffee)

Price: £22