Kérastase pushes once more the boundaries of technology, going beyond
the constraints of formulations to imagine an exceptional product line:
Chronologiste. Reuniting the quintessence of the most precious ingredients in the highest concentrations ever, the Chronologiste ritual offers unequalled results and gives the hair an intemporal splendor.
Chronologiste creates in-salon unique sensorial experience,
that women can prolong at home to finalize the perfect metamorphose of hair.

A Masterpiece of Formulation
To create this new cosmetic treasure, Kérastase has for the first time explored the benefits of a rare and unique molecule for the hair: Abyssine.
Discovered by research teams in the most inhospitable areas of the planet, in volcanic cliffs rising from the Pac ific Ocean floor , this polysaccharide produced by micro-algae can survive under the most extr eme co nditions.
The fabulous skin protection proprieties of this precious source of life were brought to light by biotechnology laboratories that subsequently succeeded in recreat ing the molecule in infinite quantities. Today combined with Gluco -Lipide GL® and Bisabolol, it offers in-depth nutrition for sumptuously gorgeous looking hair and sublime satin touch.
L’Oreal Advanced Research was as well inspired by the revitalizing benefits of another prodigious natural source of life, creating the Vita l co ncentrat e of pear ls inspired from cav iar spheres for an exceptional in-salon haircare ritual by Kérastase.

The Ultimate Haircare Range
A genuine technological accomplishment, Chro nologiste is also
an unprecedented sensual experience where nothing has been left to chance.
The entire range encompasses a wealth of textures, each as voluptuously sensual as the next: gentle exfoliat ing gra ins, an infinitely rich cream and a scented oil all come together harmoniously to create a new and irresistible feel.
Chro nologiste is also filled with the promise of a voyage to a world
of enchanting fragrances, from the luscious headiness of the exfoliant to the mask’s unprecedented mélange of delicate floral notes to the finishing touch of scent.

Gentle exfoliation for intense detox
Abyssine, Vitamin F

Inspired by face care rituals, Soin Gommmage Renovateur brings a brand new technique to the Chronologiste ritual thanks to its golden texture filled with fine micro-particles. Applied before the cleanser, this exfoliant intensely tones, detoxifies, purifies and cleans the scalp and the hair fiber for a sensation of infinite lightness. As well, the application of Soin Gommage Renovateur, involves a revitalizing massage that helps activate microcirculation

The quintessential Kérastase Cleanser Abyssine, Vitamin F, Ceramide and Vitamin E derivative

Enriched with Abyssine, a precious molecule, Bain Revitalisant is a gem of a formula for perfect transformation. The ideal representative of the emblematic Kérastase touch, this cleanser provides perfect fluidity and nutrition, enveloping the hair for ultimate suppleness and softness. The product’s purifying action cleanses scalp impurities as it smoothes the hair fiber, for an unequalled velvet touch.

The exceptional in-salon combination of Abyssine and caviar Abyssine, Vitamin F, Ceramide and Vitamin E derivative

The crème de la crème of Kérastase masks, this product concentrates the greatest number of active ingredients all the active ingredients of this products line, formulated in their highest concentrations, to intensely nourish the hair from scalp to ends. Luxury and hyper-science
come together in salons when the treasured qualities of Abyssine meet the unique revitalizing benefits of Caviar Concentrate vital renovator with mimetic caviar. Mixed just before application by the stylist to preserve the integrity and freshness of the precious active ingredients, the regeneration cream and the mimetic-caviar pearls melt into one single treatment that works like a miraculous elixir for perfectly beautiful hair.

The enchanting finishing touch, inspired by high-end perfumery Tea Rose, Light Woods, Musk and an oleo-extract of Myrrh
This first hair fragrance from Kérastase closes the Chronologiste ritual with an inspired, custom-made scent created by the master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Working for the first time with an oil base rather than an alcohol base, this visionary fragrance designer imagined a blend of noble scent notes used in luxury perfumes—tea rose, blond wood and musk— along with an oleo-extract of myrrh. The last step after styling, Chronologiste oil fragrance is a finishing touch of brilliance and softness. Intensely scented and visibly nourished, the hair is radiantly lovely.