Per lei M∙A∙C , in collaborazione con Chen Man, presenta Bao Bao Wan, una collezione ispirata alla femminilità più sfrontata, dettata dal suo genio.
Il volto è in primo piano con giochi di luce dai toni oro metallici, rifacendosi alle tradizioni senza perdere di vista le nuove tendenze.
For her M∙A∙C collaboration, shot by fellow Chinese luminary Chen Man,
Bao Bao Wan introduces a collection inspired by her womanly and brazen aesthetic.
The face takes centre stage as she decorates the complexion with the metallic golds and rich jewel tones she so adores. Nodding to tradition while trailblazing a path for new trends, M∙A∙C and Bao Bao Wan make every face a part of the new.

     FORBIDDEN SUNRISE creamy orange (matte)
     LAVENDER JADE dirty mauve with gold pearl (matte)
     ROMANTIC BREAKDOWN sheer nude (lustre)
     BURMESE KISS bright coral pink (matte)
*SRP 31.00 CHF
     BAO BAO’S JEWELS gold shimmer, dark brown with silver pearl, pale pink shimmer, steel grey shimmer, dark rose bronze
*SRP 66.00 CHF
     SUMMER OPAL light bronze with golden shimmer
*SRP 42.00 CHF
     KASHMIR BLUE royal blue with gold pearl
     IMPERIAL GREEN spring green with multidimensional pearl
     SUNSET TOURMALINE plum with multidimensional pearl
*SRP 20.00 CHF

AVAILABLE March, 2015 exclusively at all MAC Manor locations, MAC Store Lucerne and at